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Flexel Reactive
Film Adhesives

There is now another option in the reactive film adhesives market. Like the traditional reactive film adhesives, Flexel™ is a thermoset adhesive material—not a thermoplastic—that forms cross-linked bonds when heated. The chemical change is permanent, which significantly increases their resistance to heat once activated. But unlike traditional reactive film adhesives, these new reactive materials require significantly less heat for activation, making them easier to use in production and safer to use with electronics and a wider range of substrates. Activation typically takes less than 60 seconds, and may require as little as 75° to 90°C (167° - 194°F) for cure. Bonded parts can typically be handled and processed immediately after bonding.

Flexel™ reactive film adhesives do not lose elongation as they cure, enabling them to stay flexible, and it gains significantly in tensile strength, making it extremely tough. Being both flexible and tough are great characteristics for electronic devices and accessories, especially wearables.

Flexel™ Reactive Film Adhesive Formulations

These reactive film adhesives come in a variety of formulations. They can be used on many different materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, plastics, textiles, foils, and real and artificial leather. These reactive film adhesives adhere to more materials than heat-activated film without priming.

Flexel™ reactive film adhesives are:

Simple: Flexel™ comes in an easy-to-use film form that does not require metering like a liquid adhesive system, enabling you to put exactly the right amount of adhesive down precisely where you need it – every time.
Clean: Flexel™ film adhesives are clean, unlike the messy application processes that come with liquid or hot melt adhesive systems.
Fast: Flexel™ film adhesives are easy-to-use and hassle-free, helping you bring new products from concept to market more quickly.
Cool: Flexel™ film adhesives feature a low activation temperature that is gentle on your substrates and helps to maintain superior aesthetics of your fine textiles and leather.
Durable: Flexel™ film adhesives are a thermoset adhesive, meaning that they crosslink upon heat activation, to form a tough bond that will stand up to exposure to heat, chemicals, and water better than thermoplastic adhesives.
Easy Handling: Flexel™ film adhesives are stable under ambient conditions, so they do not require refrigeration during storage.

Product Details:

  • One component, heat-activated thermoset adhesive film
  • Available thickness 25 – 150 µm
  • Solid content 100%
  • Bonds plastic substrates, pre-treated olefins, metals, foils, and textiles
  • Ideal for electronics and lamination
  • Minimum activation temperature: 75°C
  • Can be handled, trimmed, or cut immediately after bonding and cooling
  • High fracture toughness, peel, and shear strength
  • High heat resistance after cure
  • Elongation at break approximately 800%
  • Tensile strength of free film: 30 MPa

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  • Simple, clean and fast 
  • Durable
  • Easy Handling
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Used for leather plastic textiles
Film | Reactive film adhesive
Used for aluminum leather plastics stainless steel textiles
Film | Reactive film adhesive

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